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Brand: Thorntons
Ecoblaze Xtra Hardwood Briquettes 10kg - 12 Pack are eco-friendly premium wood smokeless briquettes manufactured from 100% pure and natural sawdust. These hardwood briquettes have a high heat output, are clean to handle and leave a low ash residue. They can be used in all stoves and open fires.High ..
Ex Tax:€7.49
Brand: WillowWarm
They provide an efficient and sustainable source of heat, burning hotter and cleaner than traditional firewood, with minimal ash. As a carbon-neutral fuel, they make an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Our premium willow briquettes are made from a blend of 100% renewable, Irish-..
Ex Tax:€6.61
Brand: Woodflame
The Woodflame Firebloc 1kg offers great value and gives over two hours of burn time, giving you warm attractive flames and keeping you warm.Suitable for stoves and open firesOver 2 hours burn timeWarm attractive flames..
Ex Tax:€1.76
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