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Brand: Bartoline
Bartoline Low Odour White Spirit - 750ml is suitable for all similar applications as standard white spirit but has a milder odour. This white spirits is suitable for indoor use and confined spaces with little ventilation. Its non-greasiness also makes it great for general cleaning purposes.Alternati..
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Brand: Douglas
Douglas White Spirits is a quick drying petroleum solvent which can be used for thinning paints. Many paints are still solvent based which makes this a popular product for the professional painters, decorators or DIY enthusiast. Its non-greasiness also makes it great for general cleaning purposes.Qu..
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Brand: Bond-It
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONTrade strength cleaning solution for cleaning up paint, adhesive, sealant, expanding foam, bitumen, oil, grease and much more! Comes in a handy spray bottle.APPLICATIONWhen using Multi-Wipe Spray, spray direct onto the area that requires cleaning and wipe with Bond It Paper Towels..
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Brand: Brush Mate
Brush Mate’s Trade 4+ promises a resolution for the time-consuming, costly and messy process of storing paintbrushes.Its unique vapour storage system allows the trade 4+ to; store brushes indefinitely, stop brushes hardening and save time and money.The handy trade 4+ is ideal for smaller jobs and ge..
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Brand: Dargan Tools
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONWhen you need to really start fighting dirty, you need UltraGrime. XXL + Cloth Wipes are bigger, wetter and stronger than regular wipes, and when it comes to tough crime fighting durability, they leave everything else in the dirt. No job's bigger than a XXL + Cloth wipe.The end of..
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