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Pet Doors

Brand: PetSafe
A classic take on the magnetic door. Now your cat can let himself in and other pets or wild critters can't get in. Only pets wearing the special magnetic collar key can use the door. The 4-way lock offers the ultimate in flexibility. Set the door to open, closed, in only or out only. WARNING:Small..
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Brand: PetSafe
Description This door gives your pet all the independence he needs. Easy to install, the solid aluminium frame has reinforced corners for heavy use or for multiple pet homes. The flexible, soft flap is tinted and adjustable. A magnetic flap closure and pile weather stripping along the sides of the ..
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Brand: PetSafe
Description Give your big cat or small dog more freedom or control your pet's access to certain rooms. WARNING Small children can pass through the door. Key Features Manual 4-Way lock: in only, out only, open and locked Rigid, frosted plastic flap High-impact plastic frame Fits wood, glas..
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Brand: PetSafe
The Manual-Locking Cat Flap is an easy and economical way to give your cat access while keeping you in control. With the adjustable 4-way lock, you can choose when and how your feline friend uses the cat flap. Setting the cat door to fully locked or out only prevents neighboring pets, strays, or any..
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