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Scuttles & Trays

Brand: Fleetwood
11 Inch heavy duty plastic tray 11 Inch heavy duty plastic tray With Roller Rest Slot And Pourer...
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Brand: Fleetwood
Large 15″ size for carrying out large painting jobs without the need to refill tray.Raised-ridged surface for even spreading of paint onto rollerSuitable for use with all paint typesTough, durable plastic construction..
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Brand: Fleetwood
Fleetwood 4" Roll Rite Paint Tray to elevate your prep with painting.100% Recycled plasticSlopped surfaceEven distribution of paintExcess paint returns to reservoirSturdy materialSize: 4"..
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Brand: Fleetwood
An innovative 9″ plastic scuttle tray with a separate compartment for holding a roller or brush...
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Brand: Fleetwood
This Fleetwood 9” Ultra Pro Roller/Tray set is suitable for interior /exterior smooth surfaces.The single set measures 40.5cm x 30cm x 6cm Set Contents: 3 x 9” Short Pile Sleeves, 9” Professional Roller Frame, 9” Plastic Tray..
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Everything but the paint 10pc Set
-27 %
Brand: Ridgeway
The Ridgeway Everything But the Paint Set comes complete with a 9" tray, 2 roller sleeves, 9" roller frame, 1.5" brush, 2" brush, 1" masking tape, plastic dust sheet, paint stirrer and gloves. Everything you need to do any painting job.Everything you need to do any painting job (without the paint)2 ..
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