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Brand: Evo-Stik
Introducing Evo-Stik Evoset: The Ultimate Solution for Construction Projects! Are calcium chloride accelerators a no-go? Look no further than Evo-Stik Evoset! Specifically designed for situations where calcium chloride is not allowed, this remarkable product is your go-to choice for bricklaying, re..
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Brand: Technik
Presenting the remarkable Technik Tanking System, a groundbreaking solution that effectively prevents moisture from penetrating substrates within the tiled area. With Technik, you can trust that moisture won't seep into materials like plaster, tile backer boards, timber, suspended floors, concrete f..
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Brand: Evo-Stik
Introducing Technik Self Adhesive Tanking Tape: The Perfect Solution for Joint Sealing and Flexible Waterproofing!Experience the ultimate in reliability and performance with Technik Self Adhesive Tanking Tape. This remarkable tape is specially designed for joint sealing and flexible waterproofing, m..
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Brand: Evo-Stik
Introducing Evo-Stik Weatherproofing Tape: The Ultimate Solution for Waterproofing and Sealing!Evo-Stik Weatherproofing Tape is the go-to choice for professionals seeking unmatched performance and reliability. This cold applied tape is designed to withstand the harshest elements while remaining flex..
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