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Brand: Stanley Tools
STANLEY® 99E Trimming Knife Twin Pack. Made from grey painted die-cast metal body, which is ergonomically shaped for a good, comfortable grip. The blade extension can be controlled by the blade shifter, and 5 blade position allows a wider usage for a variety of cutting applications. The interlock no..
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Brand: Faithfull
This Bi-metal metal blade is manufactured from a combination of CrV steel with HSS steel teeth to produce an extra-long working life and the ability to cut a wider range of materials including metals.This saw blade features milled and side set teeth for fine and flush cutting operations. HSS steel b..
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Brand: Stanley Tools
The Stanley FatMax® Snap-Off Knife is suitable for heavy-duty cutting. It features a blade wiper to remove excess debris and prolong the life of the blade. It also has a blade locking clamp and spare blades are automatically loaded. A removable blade snapper ensures faster and safer removal of a wor..
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Brand: Stanley Tools
The Stanley Instant Change Retract Knife has an ergonomic bi-material body, for precise guiding of the cut and comfort of use. It offers quick blade change through simple pressure on yellow button. It also has increased blade storage and can store up to 8 regular-duty utility blades. The large thumb..
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Brand: Faithfull
The Faithfull Multi Tool Blade Set includes a selection of the most popular multi-tool blades, the set allows your multi-function tool to carry out a wide range of projects around the home and workshop.Designed for cutting wood and metal, these blades allow access to difficult to reach places and ar..
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Brand: Faithfull
This compact folding utility knife features a lightweight nylon casing with a durable metal folding mechanism and quick release blade change. The folding blade holder allows the blade to be securely stored inside the body of the knife but can be easily pulled opened and locked in place ready for use..
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