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Brand: Hozelock
Adjustable water driven sprinklers that oscillate forwards and backwards giving even coverage.Key Benefits Include:High performance sled sprinklerReach a maximum area coverage of 180m², 200m² & 260m²Oscillating sprinkler that can water a full or part rectangleUltra even coverage due to water pow..
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Brand: Hozelock
Key Benefits Include:Premium anti-kink, tough and durable hoseA powerful spring automatically rewinds the hose without any kinks, tangles or effortWall mounted with a 180 degree pivot, allows you to reach every area of your gardenComplete with all the fittings you need to connect to your tap and sta..
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Brand: Gardena
The GARDENA CleverRoll M enables space-saving storage of the garden hose and is convenient to use. The ergonomic crank with soft plastic components reliably rewinds the hose. After use and for transporting, the end of the hose or the watering accessory can be hung on the practical holding clip on th..
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Brand: Hozelock
Product Features:Hozelock 30m compact reel with 20m/25mFreestanding hose reelManual hose rewindThis freestanding Hozelock 30m Compact Reel with 20m/25m Hose is easy to transport and storeThe bright yellow aesthetics are eye-catching, and allow it to be easily spottedIdeal for watering gardens and sm..
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Brand: FloPro
Adjustable speed rotating sprinkler, enabling even sprinkling of the irrigated surface thanks to precise arrangement of nozzles. Legible markings help to accurately set the rotating speed and sprinkling coverage area.Foldable spikes stabilise the sprinkler during operation. Max area coverage 133m². ..
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Brand: FloPro
The Flopro Watering Can is an innovative, unique watering can with an extra long reach, designed to make watering easier. The can is the first watering can that connects directly to a hose pipe connector for easy, no mess filling. This means you can connect your hose pipe and leave it to fill up wit..
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Brand: Hozelock
Compact water spray gun with three spray patterns that is perfect for cleaning tasks.Key Benefits Include:Three spray patterns for general cleaning and gardening tasksLockable trigger for comfort during extended useFlow control that adjusts the level of water sprayedFeatures:Gun Type: Jet Spray..
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Brand: Gardensure
The GardenSure 12L Knap Sack Sprayer is manufactured from shatterproof and frost resistant materials and is suitable for use with most water-based garden and household chemicals,pesticides fertilisers and herbicides. The sprayer’s large capacity and 'pump as you go' pressure action helps make light ..
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Brand: Hozelock
Designed to fit a wide variety of square, round and mixer taps.Key Benefits Include:For taps up to 43mm high by 34mm wideMade from the highest quality materials for a long leak-free lifeQuick and easy to install, simply screw onto tapComes with a choice of sealing washersProvides a secure connection..
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Brand: Faithfull
Manufactured from shatterproof and frost resistant materials and equipped with a pressure release safety valve. The spray lance has an adjustable spray nozzle with a trigger lock for continuous use when required. The 16L easy carry knapsack sprayer has a 'pump as you go' pressure action that makes l..
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Brand: Hozelock
The Hozelock Ready Assembled 60M Cart is a lightweight reel with 30 meters of multi-purpose hosing. It is freestanding and is wheeled for mobility without the need for lifting. Contents include one nozzle, two hose connectors, one waterstop, and one tap connector.Multi-purpose hose and fittingsOne-p..
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Brand: Hozelock
This Hozelock Standard Pressure Sprayer is a high quality, convenient multi-purpose sprayer that can be used for multiple applications.Key Benefits Include:Adjustable cone nozzle from jet to mistIntegrated in-built pressure release valveTranslucent, graduated bottle for accurate chemical mixing and ..
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Brand: Hozelock
15m length of starter hose. 1 x 3/4in and 1/2in tap connector to connect to an outside tap.1x Hose end connector to attach hose to the tap.1 x Aquastop connector to connect the end of the hose to the nozzle. 1 x Spray nozzle..
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Brand: Hozelock
The Hozelock starter hose caters for those which are either starting up their new home and require a good quality product in the garden or for general use in the garden10 year guaranteeQuality and durability through its 3 layer braided reinforced structureAvailable with starter sets which include Ho..
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Brand: Hozelock
Vortex Spike Hose Sprinkler | Hozelock 2510A high performance twin arm garden hose sprinkler that uses 8 jets efficiently to cover a maximum area of 177m². Simply mount this spike in your lawn for use on the lawn and borders.Features:Hozelock High performance twin arm sprinklerEach arm has 8 Jets ef..
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Brand: Gardena
Convenient and flexible irrigation of medium-sized gardens with the compact Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M.Watering that’s always ready for action—with the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M. When watering your garden with this hose box you save both effort and time, as well as a lot of storage ..
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Brand: Gardena
Convenient irrigation of large gardens with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp XLThe Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp XL makes watering a large garden pleasant and simple. You attach the compact hose storage permanently on your house wall and connect it to the tap with a connecting hose. Thanks to the 35-..
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